We live in a society where, whether we like it or not, we absorb the lives of celebrities as if it was our life source. With the life of a celebrity comes a death. After the death, the Facebook status’ about how some artist or other is ever so inspirational, is such an essential part of someone’s life – usually posted by people who have previous derogatory status’ about that certain celebrity.

A few minutes ago, the death of Tommy Marth was announced on my Twitter feed. Apparently it was suicide, a bullet to the head. I’m not going to say his work changed me, meant so much to me or that I wouldn’t be where I am today without his work. What I will say is, I really liked The Killers when I was 15/16 and Tommy Marth contributed to my favourite album, ‘Sam’s Town.’ It’s a shame for the band and for his family, but it was a decision he made for himself. Excuse me if I am unsympathetic and not exclaiming ‘what a musician!’

This is my favourite ‘The Killers’ song. Enjoy.


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