I never know whether it’s just because of the way my generation and younger generations seem to be, but unless I’m amongst other Literature students or with another person I know who reads, reading books is not a hobby that I shout about from the rooftops. It’s quite ironic, or may be self praising, that undoubtedly books will take up most of this word press.

Anyway, reading is one thing, but how do you tell people you like paper? How do you expect someone to consider you as a serious twenty first century woman when you say things like that? Well, I don’t. However, just because of the cover, bounding and the paper of this book, I immediately fell in love. My boyfriend bought it me for my birthday.

Lovecraft is a name that I’ve come across frequently but never really knew anything about, other than a lot of his work was gothic and often based on elements of science. My favourite thing about this book is the shortness of some of the fiction. I can read multiple stories in one night and I can also read whole other books, without feeling guilty about putting this one to the side.

Anyway, I have just finished reading a fictional piece called The Street which was published in 1920. True to the title, it’s about a street. It’s a piece that strikes me as completely timeless. The street evolves in exactly the same way our own society has.  Life to death, death to birth, West versus East and vice versa, the change from freedom to sullenness, from community to a broken place, the attempted destruction and reform of laws, the threat of terrorism and the assimilation of many different cultures living together. Finally there are those who were there from the beginning, to tell the story of how it all changed, but the children don’t want to listen.

I realise this is actually really negative and there are aspects of the world and life that are beautiful and awe inspiring. But, I really suggest reading it. In five pages Lovecraft manages to somehow predict the way the world has become, despite writing it nearly a century ago. I just think it’s kind of crazy.


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