The last couple of weeks I’ve been quite busy. I visited Oswestry to see Razorlight, a band who I adored when I was in year ten. I very rarely listen to them any more, but it was great to be able to flash back into the past and remember how much I loved them at a certain time.


I went to Brixton to see Limp Bizkit with my boyfriend. It was also the first time I’d ever been to London. While the hotel left a lot to be desired, London itself is such an amazing place. Not for the first time, I found myself extremely reluctant to come back to Birmingham, found myself dreaming of moving away from this place. London would definitely be on the list of desired places to move to if I could afford it. There always seems something to do, something to see. I found myself suffering from small town syndrome, which is ironic as Birmingham isn’t exactly tiny, nor is it a town. Limp Bizkit were absolutely awesome, I’m so glad I attended their only UK show of the tour. Hearing ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ live for the first time was a proper “moment” for me.


I also went to Download for the first time, which was pretty awesome. Killswitch Engage were the unforgettable band for me. I underestimated how big the festival is, in terms of people, distance etc. For my first time, it was somewhat overwhelming. I really enjoyed myself though and definitely want to go back next year.

In August, I’ll be going to Reading festival with my best friend, something I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about. A lot of people have been complaining about the line up, but for me, it’s the perfect mix. It’s also great that Cassie’s twentieth birthday comes about while we’re there. A proper celebration.

Five song wishlist for Reading:

  •  Lovesick Melody – Paramore
  •  Doomed To Fail – Cancer Bats
  •  Best Of You – Foo Fighters
  •  Another Day In This House – Dead Havana
  •  Men’s Needs – The Cribs

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