Sum 41

In 2011, I attended Sonisphere Festival. It was the first time I had ever seen Sum 41 play live. Their set was cut off as they played over the forty five minute set they were given, which was disappointing particularly so as You Me At Six were given the hour long slot. I must note, it was only until I attended Download this year, that I could empathise with the fury felt by Sum 41 fans as You Me At Six were given the headlining spot over Killswitch Engage (with the original line up.) A lot of people had complained about the sound quality of Sum 41’s set, which to this day I still don’t understand or agree with. I fondly look back on getting crushed in my first mosh pit and chanting the lyrics to ‘Fat Lip’ on my way out of the staging area.

This weekend, I went to see Sum 41 again in what still, seems to me, a really strange location for the band to have played their only UK show of this leg of their tour. I took my first trip to The Kasbah in Coventry. The main room is around the same size as the O2 Academy in Birmingham, but the Kasbah has an absolutely awesome smoking area/garden with a bar and a shot bar. I was really impressed by the venue and definitely want to venture their for a night out.

Sum 41 played an absolutely awesome show, the gig was entirely sold out and it was clear to hear and see why. Of course their highest charting hits such as ‘Fat Lip’ and ‘In Too Deep’ were played, but the band also returned to their older album, Underclass Hero and played ‘Count Your Blessings.’ The relentlessness with which they played matched the relentless energy of the crowd and the combination created an electric atmosphere, one I’ve not been part of for a long time. As always with bands that have been around for years, it’s great to be in a crowd of older people who often relate to Sum 41 by returning to their teenage, angsty years. Though I mention Sum 41 have been around for years, there is no hint of their music seeming to age. Even their cover of Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ sounded fantastic. For any of those who say Sum 41 are no longer relevant, or even that their live show sounds poor, I really suggest a rethink. They are a band that have given a fantastic show both times I have seen them and I’m pretty sure if they come around again, they will not disappoint when I’m bouncing around in the crowd.

Below is my favourite Sum 41 song and I hope one day, I’ll be able to watch it performed live.


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