Limp Bizkit are ‘over.’

From the off, this will be an extremely biased, slightly outraged post.

Earlier today, Metal Injection hosted a post in which Fred Durst claimed that Limp Bizkit were ‘over’ and that the fans had moved on. While there was no immediate comeback from the band members, members of Twitter once again spiralled the story out of control. Limp Bizkit were top of my tailored trends earlier, which you know, they should be, as I’m a massive fan of the band and have been for a good few years – but they weren’t trending for anything positive. While some users expressed slight shock, or confusion, many tweets damned Limp Bizkit for not being relevant any more – that they hadn’t done anything since 2002. The second view is untrue, Limp Bizkit released album ‘Gold Cobra’ in 2011. It’s no secret that the band had little success with the album, which led them to leave their record label Interscope. Since then, the band signed with Lil Wayne and are working on a new album called Stampede Of The Disco Elephants and writing another EP after releasing ‘The Unquestionable Truth Part 1’ back in 2005.

In line with this, Wes Borland tweeted in response to the article:

I will be the first to agree that the band haven’t been relevant to the music chart, whether it’s the Hot40UK or any sort of Rock Chart for some time, but that doesn’t mean the band and their music have stopped being relevant to their fans. Obviously I can only speak on a personal level, but I’ve listened to ‘My Way ‘ before sitting any and all exams since Year 9 SAT’s. They’ll always remind me of nights at Anarchy with my best friend and the awesome weekend I spent with my other half down in Brixton when we went to see their only UK show of their tour earlier this year.  ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ will always remind me of my old man and my home life. To say a band isn’t relevant anymore is too wide of a statement. Whether it’s Limp Bizkit or ABBA, they will always remain relevant to someone.

Fred Durst was correct in what he said though, fans have and do move on. It’s the present moment that dictates how well a band does, that means they have to go along with what’s ‘big’ in the music industry right now, it may mean producing music that is very unlike Limp Bizkit. If they are no longer relevant because they’ve stuck to what they know and what they’ve always done, then criticism becomes a little harder to administer.  That’s why I will always love Limp Bizkit, they always stay true to themselves, above fans, above the industry, just to them. It’s a controversial view, just as members of the band are controversial – it was only this year that John Otto and DJ Lethal were potentially being axed from the group.

Relevant or not, there hasn’t been a statement from the band themselves declaring any break up.
Anyway, I just wanted somewhere to vent my irrational annoyance at some of the tweets I’ve seen and the original article itself.

And as always, here’s one of my favourite songs:


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