“There’s a place that I know, it’s not pretty there and few have ever gone.”

My favourite thing about life is live music. As I’ve undoubtedly said before, it’s the one thing that unifies different people in one moment. An arena, academy or room is the one place that I stop over thinking, stop feeling too much and start to just take a moment for what it is. An artist always seems to come around when I crave escapism from none other than myself.

Tonight, I attended Kelly Clarkson’s show at the LG Arena. For the first time in thirteen years, I went to a concert with my family, this time with a little brother in tow. This isn’t significant to anyone but me, as I know we don’t necessarily live in a family orientated state of nature. It’s significant to me because without tonight’s concert, my Mom and I wouldn’t have spent the evening together, which is a monotony for us.

Kelly Clarkson’s song ‘Dark Side,’ is the song that my Mom waited for all night. I’d never heard it before, but for the first time in years my Mom openly cried. There’s nothing worse than that you know, seeing your own parents openly hurting. So I paid attention to the lyrics, because sometimes it takes a stranger, in this instance Kelly Clarkson, to help you see the things that are too close to home for you to comprehend. In three minutes, I was closer to her than I have been in years. It just exemplifies that music brings people together, it touches the rawest and indeed, darkest places that most of us tend to hide away from, whether it’s in ourselves or others.

While that was the most personal moment of the show for me, I just have to say that in all the years I’ve attended gigs and concerts, Kelly Clarkson is the woman who embodied unity. Instead of staying on the stage as anyone would expect, she ran around to the back of the arena while singing her version of Fun!’s We Are Young (which I much prefer to the original.) This wasn’t for theatrics, but for the fact she didn’t exclude those fans sitting right at the back – instead, she stood on the sound production area and performed up close for those fans to see. I’ve never seen an artist do that, I mean sure, many artists speak to their fans, but Kelly Clarkson made that extra effort which sent shivers down my spine.

Another aspect of tonight wasn’t just the unison between people, but a unison of genres. Kelly herself took time to say she hoped everyone’s iPod was a mix of different music as there is a lot of beautiful music out there, right before granting a fan’s request by covering Black Sabbath’s Changes, which was a total surprise. As a fan of the original I was quite intrigued and anxious, however Kelly Clarkson’s version was absolutely fantastic, really conveying her vocal abilities and flexibility as a singer.

Finally, live music just isn’t good enough if it doesn’t make me cry. I’ve come to realise this over the past two years. The acoustic version of ‘Because of You’ which is about family dysfunction is the moment I had a bit of cry, which is quite awkward really when you’re sat between both of your parents!

Anyway, I’ve had a fantastic night with my family and this is my favourite Kelly Clarkson song;


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