Limp Bizkit in their move to just Limp.

“It is an emotional song and closely attached to our internal demons, but it is not our single and wasn’t meant to be seen or heard for along time.”

Following their move to Lil Wayne’s record label ‘Cash Money’ the “latest” Limp Bizkit video ‘LIGHTZ’ has been leaked. A Facebook statement has been made minutes prior to me writing this entry, from which the above quote has been taken.  After taking the time to check out the video, it’s safe to say after about a minute and thirty seconds in, I’m one of the people on the internet who will be making a negative comment to which Durst has retaliated. It’s clear to see the influence the label change has had on the band, as simply, it sounds like every other god damn generic track out there, with a few apparently deep and meaningful lyrics thrown in. The only thing I can give kudos for Wes Borland’s riff on the electric guitar, but even for someone who renowned for his talent with a guitar, it’s just not enough to salvage the track.

A particular lyric that stood out for me was simple  ‘Cash, Mone, Metal- I should get a medal.’ As the years have gone by, Limp Bizkit have been given a lot of grief, apparently no longer relevant to the rock industry. I’ve previously blogged in their defence, but this new “leak”  leaves me to beg the question, where the hell is the metal?

I personally hope this is nothing more than a publicity bid in order to make them more relevant to the charts (for now) in order to re attract fans. I am in total agreement with Durst, it shouldn’t have been seen or heard – only, I mean ever, rather than for a long time. With promises of  “New music pilin up. Lots of it. So many sick riffs and grooves” I seriously hope this leak is just a cry for recognition, rather than an indication of Limp Bizkit’s integrity being destroyed and that the band will return to their Nu Metal type style.

A link to the leaked video can be found at:


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