Gender does not define love.

ImageEarlier today, the BBC reported that Yoweri Museveni, Uganda’s President has publicly signed a legislation that toughens laws on homosexuality. The new legislation includes life imprisonment for same sex intercourse and marriage.

The news, generally, is full of misery – misery of every kind. So much so that, sometimes, I feel deadened to many of the reports. Today’s news, however, saddens me on a huge level. That’s not to say I’m trivializing what’s going on with the rest of the world, I understand other troubles are just as important.

I take my freedom for granted. The freedom to choose how I live, choose who I am and most importantly, the freedom to choose who I love.  These are the basic freedoms that every human being deserves. It astounds me that yet another country has made the choice to hold such degenerate values; to deny their own people the opportunity to experience life in its sweetest and purest form.  In an era where we move forward in expeditious ways, towards ground breaking discoveries and life changing decisions, it is disheartening that some countries still uphold values that are reminiscent of life centuries, upon centuries ago.

I’m not just blaming countries such as Uganda and Russia alone. It would be incredibly naïve to suggest that Britain is completely pro homosexuality. At least here though, not that it’s any compensation, the opinion is held by the individual rather than forced on us by our own government. At least here, our human rights are not denied.

I’m trying to be politically careful when I write this. I’m trying not to over generalize the experiences that some homosexuals are made to endure. What I’m trying to say is that I’m deeply saddened that other people are not allowed to choose who they love, that they’re not allowed to follow their heart.  I’m ashamed that love, which is the most beautiful force in the world, is being diminished from parts of the world. It’s abhorrent. Who is anyone to withhold companionship, warmth and joy from any else?

Below, I’ve linked a fantastically moving video about what it would be like to come out as heterosexual in a world that shows ultimate preference for homosexuality. It really taps into your perspective. And this is only one outlook of how harsh life is for those who love members of their own sex. This doesn’t even epitomize the struggles of those who are oppressed by anti-gay legislations. Skipping the 50 seconds of credits, the video is really worth a watch. (It does contain graphic scenes that may upset you.)

After all, who taught people that homosexuality was ‘wrong?’ Why does heterosexuality have the superiority of given acceptance? It’s all wrong. Decisions like today are completely wrong. I hope that if I ever have children, the word ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ won’t define somebody else as ‘different’ or ‘inferior.’ I hope that those labels don’t even exist. I hope that I can raise my children in a world where same-sex and opposite-sex love is the same. I hope that any differentiating labels are removed and then replaced by the same, singular name.  Just love.


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