This is not a review.

Usually found in my bedroom, I wouldn’t consider myself as ‘outgoing.’ When I’m busy, however, I’m busy all at once. February was a busy month, but it’s been extremely good to me. I’ve managed to absorb a wonderful amount of live music, with most bands arriving in Birmingham the week during and after essay results. Live music is the one thing in which my love and passion has never wavered. I’ve been sporadically losing the plot in all varieties of directions in the past month or so, and it always makes me feel disappointed that these bands will never know that hearing certain songs, live, really helped me out.

In the past month or so I’ve seen;
City and Colour:

I’ve wanted to tick Dallas Green off of my ‘to see’ list for many years. While I am extremely glad I’ve satisfied that desire, he has swiftly been added to me ‘never see again’ list. As I said, this is not a review and I won’t be going through my reasoning, but I’ll stick to albums when I’m feeling a bit mopey.

Trivium/ Killswitch Engage Co-Headline Tour:

I’ve seen both of these bands before and I’ll be seeing them again later in the year. I felt it was massively important to see Killswitch Engage in my hometown – I remember spending my art lessons in secondary school listening to them. Music often makes me feel like I’ve come full circle, it gives me closure in many ways, even when I don’t know what it is that’s being closed. This night was followed up with a very drunken night at Subside, my all-time favourite haunt.

Limp Bizkit:


These guys are just the love of my life. I’ve seen them numerous times and will hopefully see them again, and again, and again.

A Day To Remember:

Another band I’ve seen numerous times. I was especially lucky to catch ADTR this time around as the show had entirely sold out. After desperately trying to get tickets, Chris treated me for Valentine’s Day. Standing up on the balcony, I had the best view I’ve ever had at any gig, ever. ADTR are the first and only band who I’ve crowed surfed to, a moment I am still extremely proud of.


The past month or so has completely flown by; can you believe that it’s March already? In the past month or so, some things have come together and some things have felt like they’ve been ready to fall apart. I mentioned earlier that these bands will never know how they helped me through a strenuous month. Well, neither will Chris.

This is not a review. This is not an in depth review of bands, of gigs, and not of Chris. This past month or so, I’ve found some things difficult and I, myself, have been difficult. This past month or so, I’ve been incredibly lucky. Not just because I’ve been able to spend evenings doing the thing I love, but because I spent those evenings with the person I love. And preciously, we both love live music.

I could tell you more about bands, I could tell you more about Chris, but you might not know Chris and the bands I’ve seen might not be your thing.  What I will tell you is this. Whatever your ‘thing’ is, whether it’s live music or baking, and whoever your ‘person’ is, whether that’s your housemate, best friend or partner – make time for them. Cherish, enjoy, be thankful and love every little bit of them. Even if you feel like you’re sporadically losing the plot in all directions too, things and people that are important to you will always bring you home.


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