It’s the final countdown.

Duuu dooo, do du – NO.

I’ve been burning to write this blog all week with every intention of it being an extremely optimistic, future looking post. I’ve been looking forward to this half hour of writing literally all week. It was going to be such a joyous break from working on my dissertation.

Alas, poor Yorick, unfortunately not.

This is the time of year when I start counting down. There are four days until my birthday, there are thirty nine days until my dissertation is due in for which I still have 1578 words to write and perfect. I’m back in the gym because I’m extremely conscious about my weight ever since my stomach has started to protrude over the tops of my skirts again – I’m watching numbers on the scales in the hope that they’ll decrease.

I’ve mentioned this before of course, because this is my OCD. It also happens to be my favourite obsession. It’s extremely healthy and extremely unhealthy, all in the same instance.  Technology has made it worse and easier for me because now I have a ‘Count down app’ which tells me the days, hours and minutes until specific events. My phone currently counts down to a mixture of scary things, but all eventually wonderful. Wonderful because I’ve been eagerly anticipating every little event that signifies I’m closer to leaving university.  My phone counts down to just wonderful things too. Funnily enough, they have nothing to do with university.


For new readers, I have a passionate like/hate relationship with university. I could never say love. For consistent readers, I don’t really need to go any further.

It’s been known for some time that university were going to release provisional exam timetables today by five pm. This was the big event of my day, that precious moment when someone would hand me my finishing date.  Typically, they fucked up the timetable release.  Big time.. And please excuse my language; I really don’t use profanities on my wordpress. I think it’s vulgar in writing. Anyway, I get distracted.

University released timetables with last year’s modules on it. With a bit of rooting through, we’ve managed to find the dates and modules for this year. And that’s if that information is right, because no student actually knows what the hell is going on. But if modules and dates are correct, then I’m just as unhappy anyway. During my previous two years at university, I’ve always finished really early. Last year I finished on the 9th May. It’s not anyone’s fault that I thought the pattern would continue. At some point- probably in that third week of first year, when I cried my heart out about how this isn’t what I wanted to do -I set my heart on finishing university as early as possible. Now it looks like they’re keeping me there until the 29th May.  I now have to commit myself and more of my time, to something that makes me feel like I can hardly make it to the end of the day as it is. But, you know, does anyone actually know what the real timetable is?

I’ll insert at least some positivity into this post. At least it gives me a lot more revision time. For someone who is set to scrape a 2:1 by literally .6 of a mark, that time is precious.  I’ve kept my university hating to a minimum this time round, because it has given me many things I’m grateful for. I even hasten to add that yes, I will miss it. However, when adverts scream at you ‘University of Birmingham: University of the Year 2014,’ well, quite frankly, they’re lying to you.


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