100 Happy Days.

I very rarely participate in internet crazes but #100happydays has been catching my eye for a while. Although my 100 days won’t be consecutive, I’ve decided to join in with this one.

My graduation date has been confirmed. (Hopefully) I’ll be graduating 100 days from today. I’m finally coming to the end of a very long journey that’s been compacted into a very short amount of time. It’s far too easy for me to feel like I’m sinking at university; I still haven’t mastered the art of an essay and it’s very cliche of me to be pessimistic (although, I think it’s realistic) about what I’ll be graduating with.

I want my #100happydays to serve as a reminder that a qualification doesn’t and will not define who I am. It doesn’t get to decide my happiness. I have 100 days of being a student left. I want to share my #100happydays, even if they’re not student related, and even if they don’t all happen within the 100 days I have left at university.

I’d like to know for myself that everything will be just fine. 

#100happydays; day one.

This is my bedroom in my student house. I’ve had ‘one of those days’ today, so I’m extremely glad to be tucked up in bed. I’ve had a busy week and really, I like to hermit. My bedroom is one of my favourite places; somewhere I can just switch off. This is the thing I’ll miss the most about university. This is a depiction of freedom and being my own person. This is my happiness, day one.


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