100 Happy Days: Day 9

cassie and i

This is one of the earliest photos of Cassie and I, taken in 2008. I completely forgot about getting a photo today. We grew up together throughout secondary school, becoming inseparable during college and then were separated by distance through university.  At times, the distance has been tough. You grow separately and, sometimes, life gets so busy that two people can find themselves growing apart. These are challenges to be encountered in friendship, but challenges overcome let you know how deep-rooted a friendship is. Anyway, Cassie is back for Easter, so we mooched around town for a bit today and went for dinner. It’s a wonderful thing that despite the distance, despite any amount of not talking, not being present, we pick up straight from where we left off – nothing ever changes within our friendship even if we change within ourselves.

The other great thing about today is that we had blue cheese mayo dip. The best dip there ever was.


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