The day I missed an opportunity.

I do not like the warmer weather. England is not a place that ought to be hot. It’s like a sun trap in this city, with the sun rays being trapped in between slabs of concrete on the pavement and the concrete of the buildings. The parks get overcrowded with every one becoming desperate to catch the few rays of sun we get.

I do not like the warmer weather because I have to wear bright colours to reflect the heat, but I really prefer to wear black. It’s a time for sunny dresses, little skirts and for most of us, a lot less clothing in general. I love wearing boy clothes over a three pound h&m skirt, I like XL hoodies when my figure is never more than an M. I like my Doc Martens that have fur in them; my toes are not something that the world needs to see. I hate the exposure, but I can’t handle being hot.

Sun makes everyone go a little crazy here. The drunks are out at all hours, tempers seem to flare more easily and, quite frankly, there seems to be a lot more lust on the streets. Whether it’s girls looking at topless guys, or guys looking at girls in little shorts, there’s just something in the air. It’s fine to look, I think. It’s human nature really. What isn’t fine is making comments.

What isn’t fine, for either gender, is cat calling.

Recently, the weather has really started picking up: today, it was glorious in the sunshine with spontaneous gusts of wind. The only skin I had exposed was my arms, my neck and my face. And from this, from quite a way away too, some guy announced that he would let me sit on his face.  If I was to take such an opportunity, I’d rather use it to shit on his face for shouting such a crude comment.  Immediately, my skin began to crawl and I was longing for my XL Killswitch Engage hoodie that disguises my figure and makes me look more masculine rather than a female with breasts. And isn’t that just a shame. I feel ashamed of my femininity during these warmer seasons because it brings unwanted comments. All I wanted to do was get to where I needed to be. What’s even worse is that I don’t feel justified enough to stand up for myself in public: I’m intimidated by the people who make such comments, and stupidly, I don’t want to offend them by telling them to do one. Silly really, when they don’t realize how much they’ve offended me.


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