100 Happy Days: Days 10, 11 and 12.

I just want to clarify that I’m not miserable on the days I don’t blog. I just don’t want to post about how nice my dinner was, or the youtube videos that have made me laugh, you know, unless they’re really good.

Day Ten and Eleven.

A nickname used on occasions I get aggressive. A combination of Shannon and Anakin. A reference to Attack of The Clones where Anakin kills the younglings.

Anyway, Chris made me my own ice hockey jersey in support of his team Coventry Spitfires. Later that day I went to review Of Mice and Men for Riot Magazine. The highlight of the show was the band pictured; Issues. They are metal core meets boy band and I absolutely love them. They’ll be at Leeds later this year so I’m going to go and watch them again. I love working for Riot. I love taking the time to write about music, the one thing I’ve always been passionate about.

Earlier this week, Chris and I went to Manchester to watch Clutch. Chris is quite a big fan whereas I’ve never really seen the big deal. But, every once in a while, a band will remind you of all the things music is missing. These guys were incredible live. No gimmicks. Just music. I was honestly so, so surprised, even more so by the crowd they had drawn in. I expected it to be a room full of granddad’s and it’s always a beautiful thing to see that bluesy rock is still relevant to younger audiences. The whole weekend was absolutely lovely, burgers, beer and rhubarb margaritas – the best alcoholic drink I’ve ever had, ever. Chris had a quick conversation with Andy Copping. An evening trip to Wigan. I could go on. I love weekends away with Chris, but we always face the same awful problem- I never want to come back.

Day 12.

I’ve been away from Selly Oak for around three weeks. Today’s the first time I’ve been surrounded by my own things in a long time.. It’s been incredibly nice to sit in my room, with my huge window wide open, listening to my records as loud as they can go. I’ve spent all day reading. Unfortunately, it’s reading for one of my exams but countless cups of tea have made it a lot nicer.


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