Mission aborted.

I’ve decided to stop with the 100 happy days challenge.

I’ve never written with a purpose before, other than wanting to write. Writing makes me feel wonderful, it makes the bad days better, it makes the good days fun to reflect on. My housemate pointed out today that no matter how busy life gets, I make the time to write. This is my hobby, this is my thing, this is a part of me. With the 100 happy days, I was attempting to be positive – to resonate happily throughout my blog. That wasn’t very honest of me. Don’t get me wrong, I have been incredibly happy on those days I’ve recorded, but I probably wouldn’t have recorded them if it wasn’t for the challenge. I know that’s the whole point – to make note of the things that make me happy, but I know what makes me happy during the day, the same as I know the things that make me sad. Why should I have to prove that to somebody else? Why should I sing praises about the events and the people that cause me to secretly smile to myself at random times during the day to somebody else?

Anyway, I genuinely feel like it’s had a negative effect on my writing style. I’ve been writing for someone and to someone. We always write for someone anyway, but with the challenge I was really writing to say ‘hey, look, I do things! I actually do stuff too guys!’ and frankly, it doesn’t feel genuine. I wasn’t writing from me and for me like I normally do, regardless of anyone else. I wrote because something on the internet said it would be a cool idea. And it is, it’s really nice. But my last 100 happy days really should have been a review of how impressed I was with Clutch and how much I didn’t like Manchester. (Sorry Manchester). I should be blogging about my frustrations with record shops and how I spent half of my day yesterday wondering what I would in an apocalypse, just because I saw a helicopter flying a little too low for my liking. I started writing to impress people and I lost the important part of my writing. That I write what I want, because I want to write. I’d use the typical phrase ‘what I want, when I want’ but my creative juices only flow past 10 pm – I’m not really sure why.

100 happy days was far too contrived for me, but please do be rest assured, they will happen and somehow you will read about them. Whether it’s here, my reviews on Riot, or through a text message – I promise everything gets written down somewhere, somehow.


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