We are not Iceman Thesis.

Iceman Thesis have led to a lot of controversy over the last twenty four hours. Probably more, but I’ve only been involved since about 07:17 this morning. Despite going to Download Festival earlier this month, I had absolutely no idea this band were responsible for playing two stages simultaneously. This, of course is a very big and quite an odd deal.

If you have a few moments, watch the video below and see what all the controversy is about.

Iceman Thesis is not music’s equivalent of the cliché working class hero. They are absolutely not ‘both the antithesis and the epitome of this vacuous, bland, dead-end, pointless shit.’ They are only the epitome. What is the most frightening of all is that the announcement was made via Metal Hammer. Andy Copping, the biggest booking agent for UK rock music, is behind them. Artists who have thousands of social media followers, fans and varieties of merchandise are claiming that they are Iceman Thesis. I’m calling it. Iceman Thesis is not a movement. It is not a viral campaign of normal music fans. It is a concept that is being glorified by the very outlets it claims to be the antithesis of. So, is the alternative music industry agreeing with claims that music has become a stagnant, meaningless commodity? Or are some the biggest people in rock music’s industry, as I suspect, about to propel Iceman Thesis to the same meaningless shit they claim to detest? It doesn’t matter that they may not be ‘Slipknot, or Linkin Park, or Cancer Bats, or This is Menace, or whoever the fuck.’ It doesn’t matter if they are an unsigned struggling band. What matters is why the music industry is behind them – meaning that this all a massive hoax, or the industry believes that music doesn’t come first anymore.


Unless we are earning musicians, music does not feed us, clothe us and nor does it keep us from living on the streets. For many people though, music still comes as a metaphorical first. Iceman Thesis’ disdain for merchandise and social media will not deter me from buying a Gaslight Anthem hoodie, nor will it make me feel ashamed that I frequently check on David Coverdale’s Twitter. Not for a second were instruments, lyrics or melodies considered within this thesis. The people who turn on a particular song at the end of a bad day are not mentioned. Those with a single lyrical line embedded internally and eternally on their hearts are not represented by Iceman Thesis. Iceman Thesis need not exist, because music lovers do not need a pretentious group to tell them ‘YOU can put on masks and make music for its own sake. You can LISTEN to music for its own sake.’ Music is not about masks, it is a medium that allows us to be at our most transparent. Anyone who listens to music, rather than hears it and whatever the genre, knows music for its own sake. We are not Iceman Thesis.


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