I’m not asking you to care about my pissy little blog.

I really wanted to write a ranting entry about learning to drive. I’d like to say that I used my better judgement to conclude that most of my readers wouldn’t be interested, but that’s not the case. I’m just tired.

Today I read Day 32 – Why It’s Important to Write Like No One Cares from one of my favourite WP’s at the minute. The title filled me with initial hope. Perfect timing, I thought. Another blogger is about to imply: “hey you, yes you, you write that pissy blog. You get it all off your chest. You’ll feel better. Nobody cares.”

franz-kafka-quotes-sayings-non-writing-writer-insanityBut with this paragraph:
If you’re not trying to write for the benefit of others and are writing simply so you can get something off your chest or in the hopes that people will find you accidentally brilliant* and stroke your ego, then you’re doing it wrong. Why are you even hitting ‘Publish’ on your posts? You’re putting your thoughts to the wind, and the wind doesn’t care. The wind will treat your writing badly (as it perhaps deserves), tossing it to the gutters’, I actually found the opposite.

I’m not trying to write for the benefit of others. What can I, a twenty two year old female, possibly write to benefit you? Stories are all the same and all the jokes have been told. I can’t offer you anything new. That’s the truth. I can only hit ‘Publish’ on my posts when I am putting my thoughts to the wind. My thoughts in the wind are new. They might not be original, that’s for sure, but they come from something organic.

Even when writing deeply personal things, which is what I tend to do, you have to make your written word appealing in some way, i.e. of benefit to the reader. Either to entertain or to inform or both.’images

Maybe you do feel entertained by my posts, although you probably don’t. When I’m banging away at my keyboard, I don’t  stop to calculate how many of you will be informed or entertained. I’m just too selfish for that. Writing is my solace. It’s my thing. It’s what I do – for me. One of the rare things I do for nothing but the enjoyment of it. I cannot describe to an audience how heavy my heart feels if I don’t write. I write for my health. I write because it is something that makes me feel nourished on the inside. To know I created something today that is mine, inspired by someone else, read by another, but never ever owned by them. This doesn’t belong to you.

Basically, you have to write as though no one cares. And then make sure they do’ is the advice on offer. I reject it whole heartedly. You have to write as though no one cares. And then make sure you write because you care for the act of writing itself, not for the cares of others. Throw your thoughts to the wind, you’ll be better for it.


5 thoughts on “I’m not asking you to care about my pissy little blog.

  1. Awesome. I love your rebuttal here. I can completely see your perspective and encourage you to run with it if it’s what makes you happy.

    The one question I don’t feel like you’re answering–and the thing that in particular I was trying to address with my post–is why publish a blog if you’re just writing for you? If you or I are truly just writing for ourselves, then why not just keep our writing to ourselves? Why not just have a journal in a drawer? Publishing a post is the admission that you want others to read what you write. Publishing a post an admission that you do care what others think and/or you want it to benefit them in some way.

    I do think, ultimately, your most important audience is you because if you can’t feel good about and get excited about what you’re writing then basically no point to it, but the minute I put my writing out there for others to read, I’m saying “I hope you read and enjoy this on some level.” I don’t think it’s too crazy to consider that audience while I’m writing if I’m going to ask for their time and attention. There’s no more valuable commodity than a person’s time and attention, and I’d hate to take that for granted.

    Again, love what you’re saying here even though I have a different take. Thanks for furthering the discussion!

    • Hey Brock,
      I just want to say I look forward to your posts every day – good luck with the job hunt! I loved (even though disagreed) this post especially because it was so nice to see writing from a writer’s opinion, rather than someone like me who just inconsistently whacks out online content of any form when inspiration finally comes along.

      I utterly agree that the nature of an online, public blog necessarily brings with it the intention to cause a readership, so I can’t actually answer your question correctly, if at all. I personally hit publish to grow my online presence. I care that people can find me, more than I care about their thoughts towards my writing. But again, it’s that word ‘care’. So tricky.

      I guess what I’m trying to say is that while it’s not at all crazy to consider the audience’s time and attention, I really hope you go all out every time you write. Your writing deserves that, so I hope you don’t restrict yourself by the level of information or entertainment you may or may not be providing. Sometimes, it’s just great to bash it all out and being the one who doesn’t care.

      Thanks so much for your comment, it’s so great to speak to someone about writing itself and the way in which we go about it.

      • Heck yes. I LOVE talking/writing about writing so I’m always down for stuff like this.

        The only thing I think I really cut out is the boring stuff–ie the stuff that actually bores me. I don’t mind writing about boring stuff, but if I can’t find an entertaining or interesting way to approach it, then I just get rid of it.

        Not gonna lie, there are times I just feel the need to “bash it out” (love that). But even then, I try to bring enough to the table with the strength of the writing to make it worth it to others.

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