Happy World Mental Health Day, ironically enough.

This is an issue we must raise much more awareness about, something we must offer much more support for. I’m not just speaking about professional services, but in our personal approaches. We all need to be more understanding.


I’m extremely thankful that I don’t suffer from the illness itself.  I do, however, suffer from the consequences of living with a depressed person.

Living with depression, whether directly or indirectly, is a savage experience. It’s lonely,  even if you suffer with suffering company.  It’s relentless and it always manages to catch you off guard. It will continue to drive you down when you fail to imagine that you could feel any lower.  There are worse days, bad days and flitting good days that fill you with an inane hope that recovery is on its way.  In most cases, it’s not.

The tiresome routine hurts. It hurts feelings and it hurts families.  I cannot imagine just how much it hurts the depressed person.

Despite their lack of mental strength, a depressed person that doesn’t give in to the overwhelming feeling of shutting down, running away or committing suicide is the strongest person you will ever know.

Those people who smile outwardly despite battling inner demons that nobody else understands, they deserve your time and they need your patience. They need your support and sometimes, more times really, they’ll need you to leave them alone.

Depression is an untiring monster who painfully digs his claws into the sufferer and the lives of those around them.

I’m currently blogging on a train. Someone in this carriage may feel just a little depressed, another severely and luckily for some, not at all. But wherever you are, look around. Depression doesn’t belong to one,  it belongs to us all.

This is a shout out to my mom who drives me insane while she deals with an insanity of her own. It’s hard. I can’t tell you how much. But for just one of her smiles alone, all the pain is worth it.


For those who suffer from depression or suffer because of it, there is help out there.

Don’t give up on your fight for life.


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