Why I quit WordPress (for a whole month and five days).

Previously, I wrote about writing for the sake of your own sanity and good health. After I had burned with passion about how important it is to write, there was nothing left but a crumpled blogger. I believe in everything I typed that day, yet I still curled up within myself – introverted myself against the nature of writing. I started to worry.

I don’t have a 48d46c1873f66ac7325c1dec5a202fd2specific genre, a particular day that I like to publish on (although I only get creative towards the 10pm mark) or a consistency across my WordPress. I grew anxious that the things I’d been posting were too personal for an online platform, because I only write about or from my own experiences. Words fall out of my fingers from my reactions to things. I needed to simmer down. Surely my blog should have been more than my ramblings.

I quit WordPress because of the belief that what I was writing wasn’t good enough. I’m not really sure who for.

I’ve just opened up my Star Wars moleskin, because half a year ago I was writing all of the time: on my blog, on a magazine, on my dissertation and in my journal. I haven’t put pen to paper since September 01 2014. The entry opens with ‘The days have gone. I cannot believe that I haven’t written in nearly three months.’ Maybe I’m just a sporadic writer after all.

Anyway, being consumed with anxiety about the nature of my blog gave way to nostalgia, to an emptiness that occurs frequently when I avoid writing – or when I just don’t make time for it. I’ve decided to return to the assertive attitude I once opened up to you all:

make sure you write because you care for the act of writing itself, not for the cares of others. Throw your thoughts to the wind, you’ll be better for it.

imagesThere are things I want to tell you about, restaurants that I wish I had taken photos of but can only haphazardly tell you how great the goat cheese balls are, experiences that you probably shouldn’t encounter.  There are things I want to show you, poetry from my past, photos of things that are important to me. Personal or not, these are my thoughts and the wind’s been tormenting me recently.


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