Hayley Williams is getting married and I couldn’t be happier.

Hayley Williams is finally set to marry Chad Gilbert and I feel like I’ve been waiting for this moment forever.

Seeing people engaged in time for the new year is very lovely but I’m not really excited for them. I am just really excited about what Hayley’s dress will look like and what colour her hair will be. (If it’s not the classic orange, I will be slightly disappointed). She is, after everything, someone I still look up to.* She is literally one of those women that will look however she wants to, without ever having a bad day. That’s what self confidence does (the lucky cow).  She wears boyish clothes, looks amazing. Dresses up all fancy, looks amazing. Cuts her hair really short, dies it a funky blue and still looks amazing. It actually gets kind of annoying.


I’m incredibly excited about the potential of her dress. On the surface, I really hope she does something to keep it alternative and individual to her style – mainly because I want to know that you can stay loyal to your own preferences amongst traditional expectations. However, Hayley Williams is also deeply Christian, so I wonder if it will be a big poofy white dress affair after all. It’ll be so interesting to see how she presents herself during such an important moment in her faith, while reconciling it with fan’s expectations, based on how she’s presented herself to us so far.

I’m just really excited. She’ll look absolutely iconic. It’s also really cool that I’ve listened to Paramore since I was fifteen and idolised her back then. Now she’s getting married. MARRIED. I swear adult things just creep on people.

* I still have issues about how she went about the Farro brothers leaving.


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