It’s okay if Tom DeLonge quits Blink 182. (As long as they decide to call it a day.)


This photo belongs to my friend Alex Cain, who I had the pleasure of meeting at Leeds Festival.

The internet is currently full of people going crazy over rumours that Tom DeLonge has left Blink 182 indefinitely. While there’s been no official word from Blink’s publicist, the band, or Tom himself, I couldn’t help but jump the gun a bit with this post. While the rumours are sad, I’m incredibly glad that I got to see Blink 182 (Tom included) play live last year and if this really is the end (again) then I won’t be heartbroken by the decision, but I feel uncomfortable at the thought of them potentially changing the line-up. I still remember crying as the curtain dropped and all of my memories exist in a haze of perfection. With that, here’s a list of my favourite Top 5 Blink 182 songs ever (with links).

1. Stay Together For The Kids.
This song is solely responsible for making me fall in love with Blink 182. I heard this at an age when I didn’t feel particularly close with my family and didn’t have the nerve to step in and stop them from arguing. No family is perfect, even when both parents are together.

2. All Of This.
This, for me, is the most beautiful Blink song. I’d happily call my [imaginary/potential/future] daughter Holly after this. It’s an absolutely haunting song and probably one of few where I feel their voices portray the emotion of the song.

3. After Midnight.
If it wasn’t for the fact I wanted to at least begin this list chronologically, this would trump all other songs for me. This has a very significant meaning for me. I love[d], was hurt, but “did you know, I’m here to stay?”. After Midnight will always make me feel short of breath, will always remind me of things that were, things that are and all of the things that [hopefully] will be.

4. Pretty Little Girl.

Neighborhoods was absolutely slated. The following EP ‘Dogs Eating Dogs‘ was meant to be an improvement, but got very mixed reviews. This song in particular is very different for Blink, but I absolutely love it. I’m pretty certain the EP as a whole has been massively underrated.

5. Dammit
I have to admit the fifth choice is probably a gap fill. Not because I don’t have a fifth favourite song, but more that there’s too many to choose from. However, this song is most apt for where I am in life right now. Unstable in my job, looking to move out and trying not to crash my instructor’s car every Saturday.

Literally moments before I was about to hit publish, Tom posted this on Facebook. You can all carry on as normal (for now, anyway).


3 thoughts on “It’s okay if Tom DeLonge quits Blink 182. (As long as they decide to call it a day.)

      • That’s really surprising. No one I know likes Rock Show or Take Off Your Pants, in general. I agree that Adam’s Song is played all the time, though (or it was 15/16 years ago when it came out, I don’t hear it much these days… wow it’s older than I thought).
        I have a soft spot for older Blink. Dammit was the first song I learned on guitar because every single person I knew played that song.

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