Book related things I would love to own.

Ever since I’ve been using a kindle, my investments in physical books have quickly decreased. Here are a few book related items that I’d love to invest in instead:

At the top of the list, the essential for someone like myself who loves to get lost in a world of fiction during a candlelit bubble bath. Although this comes with a wine holder, I’d put it to better use with a lovely cold pint of Somersby cider.

Little Women is one of my favourite novels, ever. I’m not really one for jewellery as I always lose it, and largely don’t know how to coordinate. This, however, I really love but would probably never purchase it as I’m well aware that reading is still perceived as uncool. Along with my lack of ‘approved’ fashion sense, this would be the half eaten cherry on top of the leftover cake.

I can’t find one of these for the my Samsung Galaxy S6, but either way, I think this is absolutely stunning and it would definitely make my phone a bit more personalised. Other than that, I haven’t seen any literary phone cases so it really stands out.

Another beautiful literary necklace. I love the decorations that go along with this quote, the flower and the thorn are just reminiscent of how harrowlingly beautiful the novel’s ending is. You can read my review of Slaughterhouse Five here. 

I’d really love a new mug for the office and this is perfect. Not only is it an ode to one of the most interesting women in literature, but it is the perfect quote for my role as an editor.

Finally, I’ve wanted this quote dotted in my flat somewhere for some time now. I’m quite a homebody so when I read Jane Austen’s Emma, this really struck a chord with me.


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