My 2016 reading resolutions


I wanted to spend time getting back into reading throughout 2015, having fallen out of favour with the activity during my time at university. I’ve read nearly forty books this year, the majority of which have been fantastic.  This year, it’s time to refine my reading habits. Here are my 2016 resolutions.

1. Read one current book every month
When I’m not slacking off, I can usually finish four books a month so this resolution is quite easy to slot in. The challenging thing about being a reader is the amount of material available. It’s very rare I actually keep up-to-date with the industry, publishers or general news. Awards like The Man Booker Prize go completely over my head so throughout this year I want to start paying more attention to current literature. This will hopefully make me a more informed reader – extending my cultural and geographical reading, rather than staying in the safety net of Victorian literature written by white women and men.

2. Read five poems a month
I’ve never had a love for poetry. Studying it was too calculated, counting and naming meters was too tedious. My disdain for reading poetry instantly cuts me off from discovering great works, prettily designed sentences and beautiful words. By making a conscious effort to read poetry, I hope to discover at least a tolerance for it. At the minute, I’m not too sure where or how to start.

3. Try an audio book
I work as an editor which can involve a heavy workload of proofreading. Unsurprisingly, this deters me from reading in my spare time. To be honest, I think it’s a crying shame. Listening to an audio book will provide me with a new experience of fiction and is also a simple resolution to stick to.

4. Read literature as a student
I really miss studying literature and critical responses.  Thankfully, the internet is a wonderful place that offers short, free courses for those interested in learning. I’ve already registered for: ‘Literature and Mental Health’ ran by The University of Warwick. This course starts in February so I’m hoping to participate in a few more across 2016.

5. Stop reading social media feeds
I spend too much time on social media and never doing anything of any purpose. It’s far too easy to spend time scrolling through news feeds, knowing that there is nothing interesting to read. I intend to make a conscious effort to spend less time reading absolute shite and read 50 books in 2016 instead.


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