Review: A city break in Cologne

My first visit to Germany has been wonderful. I spent this weekend in Cologne, a really beautiful city. From the Dom to how clean the streets were, I can’t believe the difference in looks, atmosphere and cleanliness between Germany and Britain.


Both photos belong to Jenna

My favourite parts of the city were hidden away on cobbled roads. Monuments dedicated to 1837, little woodwork shops and a beer museum that unfortunately wasn’t open all make me want to return. It’s impossible not to align a post about Germany with beer and food – I’ve enjoyed a really indulgent weekend all round, with my first every Currywurst remaining a favourite dish.

The main reason for our visit was to watch the ice hockey: Kölner Haie versus Eisbären Berlin. Completely different to watching the local rec boys, NHL on the telly, or enduring a very flat atmosphere for the Coventry Blaze, DEL ice hockey is beyond brilliant. In a stadium that seats 18,000 people, the atmosphere was euphoric: waves of fans jumping around, chanting, drumming, and waving flags. It was exciting to be a part of it all. What strikes me most about the difference in sports is the lacking on booing. Instead, Germans whistle when they respond negatively to a call made by the ref or an action made by a player. It has a stronger impact – harsh and seething, a sound that genuinely made me feel some physical discomfort.


While at the hockey, a German man asked where I was from, due to my thick accent. I learned that I can’t escape my accent – it’s a worldwide pain in the arse.

Most of all, it’s quite rare I have really decent weekends. This was my first group trip abroad with friends and I’d like to thank each of them (and Chris) for making my weekend in Cologne full of laughter and good memories.




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